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If you need a little bit of money fast, you may need a small loan. SmallLoans.com.au are Australia"s leading online short-term finance provider, offering easy online applications and fast approvals.

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Small Loans offers a short term loan against my car from any location in Australia as we are totally online. APPLY HERE


As long as you have a car as security and some form of ID , there is a good chance you will be successful.


Gone are the days of loan sharks, new credit regulations have weeded out the bad loans that offered exceptionally high interest rates of the past.


If you are short on cash for that bill that you did not expect, small loans can help you.


In fact we have helped thousands of Australians and are licenced to carry out credit activites with Asic, giving you piece of mind.wallet-with-cash


So if you have that emergency situation that can"t wait, give us a go and you will be surprised how easy the application process is.


Need a small loan?


If you need a little bit of money fast, you may need a small loan. SmallLoans.com.au are Australia"s leading online short-term finance provider, offering easy online applications and fast approvals.


What is a Small Loan?

A small loan is a short-term finance option that allows people to borrow small amounts of money. The term of the loans are much shorter than larger loans such as car loans or home loans, usually in the order of weeks or months. People may need to take out small loans to cover unexpected bills, shortfalls in finances or to ease cashflow problems. Prime examples are rental bond loans or payday loans.


How big is a Small Loan?

People may borrow as little as $2100 to $4600. At Smallloans.com.au we perform credit checks on most applicants as part of our responsible and strict lending practices. Our fast, easy and secure online application process determines whether borrowers are capable of paying back the loan.


Small Loans and small interest rates

Smallloans.com.au isn"t a “loan shark" who demands unbelievably high interest rates and impossibly short terms. We offer the most competitive short-term loan interest rates with favourable terms that better suit borrowers. We are only interested in helping people with their finances.


Applying online – quick and secure

You can apply for your short loan online through our secure application form. SmallLoans.com.au offers quick approval with our secure encrypted servers. We put a premium on protecting security to give you peace of mind. Approval is fast and money could be in your account within 60 minutes.


Smalloans.com.au is different

SmallLoans.com.au doesn’t trap people in high interest rates. We"re interested in helping people get their finances back on track. Some so-called “loan sharks" don"t make sure the borrower is in a position to pay back their loan which can damage their credit history.


The team at SmallLoans.com.au is up front with all our applicants, showing exactly how much you will pay based on your individual needs.


SmallLoans.com.au is licensed and responsible

SmallLoans.com.au is accredited to conduct credit activities by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. We strictly conform to all the rules and regulations for responsible short-term lending. We work hard to make sure all our customers know exactly what they"re getting and know all the terms and conditions of their loan up front. Our application process determines whether the amounts people need to borrow suits their financial needs, income and obligations. If you need help with budgeting a website worth visiting is https://www.moneysmart.gov.au/managing-your-money/budgeting/how-to-do-a-budget


Bad Credit? No worries

SmallLoans.com.au knows that sometimes people will run up bad credit. We don"t believe in punishing people for their past mistakes. If you have bad credit, Small Loans won"t turn people away straight off the bat. We work with our borrowers making sure they can well afford a bad credit cash loan that suits their requirements and their financial situation.


Apply for your small loan now


Applying for your small loan at SmallLoans.com.au is easy! Click here to access our secure online application gateway to get your small loan approved today.
Our other websites are badcreditloans.net.au


Q&A are on the application page for any concerns.

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