Can small quick loans help you out of bad credit?

Can small quick loans help you out of bad credit?

Can small quick loans help you out of bad credit?

If you have bad credit, you aren’t alone. Bad credit may be due to a big utilities or phone company recording an “unpaid default” against your name. Usually people’s credit rating goes south when they do not pay loans back on time or in full. There are a lot of reasons why, and a lot of them are honest mistakes. You may have heard taking out quick small loans and paying them back responsibly can actually help your credit rating. In some cases, it can. But you should have a long-term goal in mind when doing so.

Myth: I should apply for lots of different loans and hope for the best

Fact: Getting rejected for loans actually harms your credit history; even more than just those financial red marks. Having a bad credit history does tend to mean you will be refused credit or finance from major banks, financiers and other lenders such as car loan lenders or personal loan lenders. If more rejections pile up on your credit history, it’s even harder to get approved for finance. If one bank or lender thinks you’re a high risk, others will generally think the same. Other factors that make the banks wary of lending to people are a sketchy residential history or not having stable employment. Bad credit is bad for you in the long run.

Myth: Once I have bad credit it will be nearly impossible to get out of

Fact: If you have a bad credit history and have begun making an effort to improve your financial situation, this will be reflected on your credit report. You can begin to pay down debts, pay on time and keep your bank balance in good standing (i.e., no overdrafts.) It may take 6 to 12 months for a bank or lender to see you’ve really done work to improve your credit situation. In time, this will move you out of the “bad” category and into what’s known as “correctible credit.” This means your credit history is on the mend. If you keep banking and using credit responsibly you will be seen as a lower risk.

Myth: Taking out a lot of small loans and paying them off will solve my credit problem

Fact: Not necessarily. By taking out a small cash advance and paying it back on time and in full, it will be recorded on your credit history as a good transaction. This shows other lenders that you can be trusted to pay back loans on time and are a responsible borrower.
However, you take out too many of these small loans and figure it will impress a bank, think again. Even if you paid back the loans on time and in full, a bank may reject you because you have applied for small cash advances or payday loans. If you are saving up for a car, for example, this may show the bank you regularly do not have enough funds to cover your day-to-day expenses. Banks and lenders need to know that you are a low risk and can comfortably pay back your loans without getting into more financial strife.

Talk to the experts

If you want to know more about small cash loans and how they can be used to help your credit, talk to a financial expert for more information.

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