If you need a little bit of money fast, you may need secured small loans. SmallLoans.com.au are Australia”s leading online short-term finance provider, offering easy online applications and fast approvals.

Do you wish payday was that much sooner?

If you’re strapped for cash and need money fast, what you may be looking for is a cash loan. Smallloans.com.au provides Australia’s best and most competitive cash loans with amounts ranging from $2100-$4600 using your vehicle as security. We offer fast online approvals using secure servers. You could have your cash ready to go in as little as 60 minutes! APPLY HERE

What is a secured loan?

A secured loan is also known as a cash advance, payroll loan or small short-term personal loan. These small, short-term loans helps you pay for any unexpected bills or urgent expenses to tide you over until you get your next paycheque. Your car needs to be registered in your name with no finance owing or encumbrances

How much can I get?

You can borrow as little as $2100 up to $4600 for the loan you take out.  All amounts are subject to approval and take into account individual borrower circumstances and income.

I need approval fast!

With Smallloans.com.au, your application can be approved within minutes! Because all applications are done online through our SSL 256-bit encrypted servers, Smallloans.com.au processes your application instantly. In most cases, you will find your loan in your bank account within 24 hours.

Does Smallloans.com.au perform credit checks?

Yes – as part of our responsible lending practices, Smallloans.com.au routinely performs credit checks on all our loan applicants.

All applicant information is stored and transmitted securely using SSL 256-bit encryption.

What if I have bad credit?

Smallloans.com.au wants to help people out of financial trouble, not get them into it. That’s why we offer bad credit secued loans to people who need it most. All approvals depend on the assessment of your ability to repay the loan in a timely manner.

Is Smallloans.com.au a “loan shark?”

No – Smallloans.com.au is a responsible and nationally accredited small, short-term loan provider that takes steps to make sure all our customers are given the fairest terms and most competitive interest rates. We never offer exorbitant, sky-high rates.

We are licenced by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission to provide small short-term credit products in all states and territories in Australia. Smallloans.com.au maintains all applicable consumer safeguards to give all our borrowers peace of mind and security.

How much will this all cost? What about hidden fees and charges?

All loans interest rates and fees are displayed in full on our secure application page. You will know exactly how much your cash loan will cost from start to finish, including all your repayments and any applicable fees. We don’t hide fees in fine print. We give you all the facts up front so you can make an informed and responsible decision about the loan and whether it is right for you.

I’m confused; can I talk to someone about a secured small loan using my car?

Absolutely – please click here to find your lender’s contact number on the application page to discuss your needs and to clarify any points about payday loans.

Where can I apply?

Click here to be taken to our secure 256-bit encrypted application gateway. Fill out the forms and you could have your small personal loan in your account within 24 hours!