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If you need a little bit of money fast, you may need small loans with bad credit. are Australia”s leading online short-term finance provider, offering easy online applications and fast approvals.

Need a small loan but have bad credit?

Do you have bad credit history and need a small, short-term cash loan? Chances are you’ve been refused by many of the mainstream loan or small cash advance lenders out there. Don’t panic – believes in second chances when it comes to bad credit. Where other lenders say no, our online approval system says “yes!”

How much can I borrow?

You can borrow $2100-$4600 by using your car as security.

How long does approval take?

All bad credit loan applications are tracked by our bad credit small loan lender. Applications are usually approved within minutes, and you could have your small loan in your bank account within 24 hours.

What’s the catch? is an honest and accountable business and we explain what’s involved with each and every product we offer so you can make an informed decision. All our terms, fees, charges and interest rates are shown to you up front. If you are ever confused at any stage of your application process, you can call one of our team members to clarify any points you’re having trouble with.

Does that mean I’ll be paying huge interest rates? doesn’t believe in trapping people with exorbitant interest rates. As with all bad credit products, the interest rates you’ll end up paying are usually higher than mainstream interest rates. We aim to give every customer the most competitive interest rates on the market regardless of whether their credit is good or bad.

Is approval guaranteed? tries its best to give everyone with bad credit a chance to gain small loan finance. We take individual financial situations into account before lending any funds as part of our strict and responsible lending practices. In some cases, we may not lend out the amounts requested and only offer a smaller amount that does not burden the borrower. Our bad credit loan provider assesses each application on a case by case basis.

Why does lend to people with bad credit? Isn’t that risky?

Other lenders tend to refuse lending to people with a bad credit history because they believe there is a higher likelihood of not getting paid back. Even if you have been taking steps to improve your credit, it may not be enough for banks and other lenders to satisfy their tough lending criteria. aims to help people out of bad finances, not put them into deeper financial strife. We believe in second chances, although we do put limits on what people with bad credit can borrow. By taking out loans such as these and paying them back on time and in full can actually help improve your credit history in the long run.

Where do I apply?

If you have bad credit and need a small, short-term loan fast, click here to be taken to our bad credit small loan lender page. All applications are protected by 256-bit SSL security

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